Silence is NOT golden


sing_handSilence is NOT golden – so let’s SING’ is both the title and the motto of the project. A well–known and popular saying has been deliberately restated in order to show how important it is for education providers who aspire to be called modern as well as for relevant stakeholders to play in tune with one another and with the times.

 A completely new pedagogical approach is needed to enhance the European dimension of education. Business leaders claim thatoveremphasis on sitting exams and hitting targets throughout compulsory education has robbed students of the chance to develop the soft skills needed in the workplace. Growing internationalization, the rapid pace of change, and the continuous development of new technologies force Europeans to constantly adapt to new conditions. The global economy is not kind to yesterday’s diligent and dependable workers who seek for a long–term career with job security. The future belongs to quick –thinking people who are resourceful, ambitious and can take the initiative. However, the training and guidance are needed to help them develop the right skills for today’s market. A good first step would be to change the way in which schools prepare young people for adult life. Accurate up-to-date information on new jobs and qualifications would certainly help them to pursue the career of their dreams.

As well as developing basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship, the innovative and student–centred pedagogical approachshould be focused on improving and updating teaching–learning methods with particular regard to digitilisation and multilingualism. The classroom is an artificial environment for learning foreign languages, so participating in a partnership with schools from different countries will give students, but also teachers, a rare opportunity to put their knowledge and skills into practice in real-life situations, and thus enhance their motivation for further efforts.

Project activities have been planned in detail for two years and will be integrated with the curriculum of the participating schools. Before planning project activities the partners took a great effort to choose a topic of both mutual interest and importance to the participating schools. Therefore, students and staff members were widely consulted.

SING is a project which combines strengthened cooperation between the world of education and the world of work with  practical aspects of teaching/learning basic skills in foreign languages and getting to know peers from diverse cultural backgrounds across Europe. Students will exchange ideas, discuss interests and cooperate, setting goals and achieving them, promoting teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, using information and communication technologies (ICT). In the era of widespread economic migration, where the notion of frontiers disappears,  dispelling myths, harming stereotypes and prejudices such as racism or xenophobia seems to be a European priority because people aware of cultural diversity become more tolerant and do not discriminate. Thus, the partnership in the project may lead to a better understanding and cooperation among European citizens of tomorrow.

 All the documentation of the project outcomes (teaching materials, scenarios, lesson plans, videoclips, ppt presentations..etc) will be evaluated both by students and teachers involved in the project and disseminated for further common use and sharing good practices.